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In the Philippines, a number of stories has been published on the social website Wattpad and later been adapted for film or television.

The first film of this type to be released was Viva Films' Diary ng Panget.

And, if you are gullible enough to send, they will take it and then go have sex with some pinoy, while you sit there like a fool. Quite often, they are scamming multiple guys at one time---a good way to get money without breaking a fingernail, and keep their meth (shabu) addiction going...


This recipe is the closest thing to the lumpia his mother makes. I've tried the other Lumpia recipes on this site and they do not even compare to this one.

Hubby comes first, of course, followed by the children.

Next come immense networks of grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces.

The Filipino girl is, after all, as family-oriented as they come in Asia.

The record speaks for itself: Filipino girls are among the most popular choices for American men, outside American women that is, and the divorce rate where the wife is at fault is somewhere between nonexistent and 0.1%. I married one and continually marvel at my brood of three: a happy mixture of blonde, black hair, sloe chestnut eyes and wide-eyed green, pale-skinned, tan, and all well-behaved.

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