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During the 16th century, El Paso became an important stop for Spanish explorers on their way to New Mexico to find riches and convert the native population to Christianity.

After the founding of Santa Fe in 1609, El Paso became a critical point in the long north-south route of communication and trade between the Mexican interior and the missions and Spanish settlements of New Mexico.

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Site of an 18th-century mission and presidio, the small community still retains its Spanish Colonial flavor. Irrigation canals were necessary for agriculture in El Paso and to help dissipate floodwaters from the Rio Grande. Coyote and Indio castas as depicted by O'Crouley in 1774.

These paintings reflected the social status, or casta classifications, of individuals of various ethnicities in New Spain, with "Espaol" being the highest rank, according to officials and priests.

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